I don't have a website, how do I choose the right web design company?

When choosing a web design company, don't just go for the cheapest offers- because you get what you pay for. In the long run, going for a cheaper company will actually be more costly. If your website is designed poorly, it will drive away customers and other businesses. This section offers steps in considering the best web design company for you.

Consider what you need for your business website design

Before you contact any web design companies, figure out what you need first. You need to consider the following questions:

  1. Who is my customer?
  2. What is the purpose of my site?
  3. Do I want to sell online or provide information to possible customers?
  4. How will I promote my online business? (by search engine promotions or word of mouth?)
  5. What is my budget?
  6. What do I need to get the site up and running?

Without planning ahead and considering these questions beforehand, you may choose the wrong company to design your site. By answering these questions ahead of time, you will save time, money and will be able to tell the web design company what you need.

Ask around for good companies

The best way to find good web design companies is by asking other business owners who designed their sites. Another helpful and easy way, is researching on search engines like Google or Yahoo. Working with local companies makes it easier for both parties, but check out their websites first and see if it's the company for you. Don't forget to check out their portfolio to view their previous projects.

Contact web design firms and ask for a quote

Call or e-mail different companies and describe the type of work you want done. You should not only pay attention to the price, but to their response time. A website design takes time and needs to be done in cooperation with the web design company. If the company you contact is not readily available, they may not be communicative or organized enough to handle your project.

Compare their web design quotes

Cost is always something to take seriously. Get quotes from different companies and compare the prices. Here are some things to consider when comparing quotes:

  1. Try to get a fixed quote: Try to find a company that won't charge by page or by hour, because if you're unsure about how many pages need to be done, or how long it should take, this will be very costly. If there are extra costs for additional work that needs to be done, this should be charged per hour.
  2. Check the company's ability: Web design is a combination of creative design and technical development. Try to find a company that has both the creative and technical development skills and check out their previous projects.
  3. Check if they make a Google-friendly website: Sometimes a Google-friendly website is more important than a good looking website. Why? According to a study conducted, over 70% of website visitors are lead to a site by major search engines. If your site cannot be found by one of these search engines, you will lose out on a lot of money. Many businesses pay thousands of dollars to Search Engine Optimization companies to be one of the highest ranked sites in search results. SEOs will sometimes ask for you to build a brand new website, in order to help boost your ranking. Therefore, it's crucial to find out whether your initial website is search engine-friendly.
  4. Check out the payment plan: Be picky! There are several web design companies who want your business, make sure to choose a payment plan that is fair and realistic. Paying more than 60% of your total project fee as an upfront installment is not a good idea. It is wise to hold a portion of the payment until you are satisfied with your website. Check out if the company has any guarantees or money back guarantees to secure your investment.

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