How much will my web design project cost?

Web design service fees vary from company to company. When shopping around for the right web design company, you might get lured in by cheap quotes and low costs. But, beware, many companies attract more business by offering low quotes, but they eventually add on more costs during, and after the project. Unlike these other web design companies, Kumsaati Inc. offers a fully inclusive quote for your project with no hidden fees so you can maintain your budget.

Kumsaati web design costs

Different web design styles affect the cost of your project. For example, a brochure style design, which is a static web page, will be cheaper than a dynamic page, such as a shopping cart web page design. Costs of designs vary with any web design company, but what matters most is not only getting what you paid for, but getting what you need. When you ask us for a quote we will have a fully inclusive quote ready for you in a few days. This includes: graphic design, programming, initial setup, domain name registration, web hosting, initial training, web admin tools, and maintenance fee.

For your reference, these items are usually needed for a successful website:

Initial web design (One time fee)

  • Website planning
  • Web graphic design
    Site planning, initial layout design, image creation, photo scanning and enhancement, page design.
  • Domain name registration
    Creation of domain name such as needs to be purchased to have a unique website address.

To get your website up and running

  • Web hosting (ongoing fee)
    Providing space on Internet servers for the storage of World Wide Websites which can be accessed by others through the network.
  • Initial setup (one time fee)
    Your web pages and related images should be uploaded and configured to be access by others.
  • Maintenance (optional)
    If you don't have time to maintain your site, we can take care of it.

For your marketing (Optional)

  • Search engine registration
    Listing your website to majors search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Search engine optimization to be ranked higher position in search result
  • PPC ads for paid search engine advertisement

For your website redesigning (one time fee)

  • Redesign planning
  • Layout and graphic design
  • Dynamic page and web administration tool design