I don't like my current website, do I need my website redesigned?

There are three reasons why businesses consider redesigning their website. If you fit into one or more of these situations, your website needs some redesigning to improve business and create customer royalty.

Your web design looks amateurish and needs a more professional look

Many businesses suffer from sloppy and unprofessional websites. If a website visitor knows nothing about your business, they will judge you on what your homepage looks like and how it feels. Real businesses take their web design seriously, not only to attract customers, but invite them to trust their company. Make sure your website is professional looking and accessible, your online presence can change everything about your company, if presented in the right way.

Your business is growing and so should your website

Is your business growing and getting more sales and leads? Congratulations! But wait and check your current website. Does it provide all the current information about your business and its products or services? Does the navigation menu help visitors find information easily? If not, then it's time to redesign your website.

There are other options to consider when thinking about redesigning your site:

  • Offering online customer support
  • Provide frequently asked questions and answers
  • Selling your services or products online
  • Marketing your services and products outside of your local area
  • Replacing current business cards and marketing brochures with e-mail newsletters
  • Save time and money by providing e-commerce

Your website does not rank high in search engines

As a business owner, exposing your services and products to the market is probably the most important thing to think about. Redesigning your website to rank higher in search engine lists is a smart move for any business. Imagine a real estate engine and his/her newly launched website. If a visitor searches 'real estate agent' on Google and your website is designed to be easily readable by major search engines, your site will rank much higher than your competitors, attracting more visitors and potential clients.