How do I register my website to major search engines?

Over 70% of internet users find the information they need through search engines. Many businesses have taken advantage of this fact and have increased business by making their website accessible on search engines - and you can too.

Submit your website to search engines so they'll recognize your website

To assure your website gets listed to major search engines, you can submit your website to them. Some search engines like Yahoo, charge for website submission fees, but most usually don't. Here are some major search engine submission pages.

Optimize your web pages for higher search engine rankings

Even after submitting your website, your site still isn't guaranteed to be highly ranked in a search. In order to help boost your site's ranking, you should optimize your web pages for search engines. You should also consider search engine optimization before designing your homepage, in order to make both an attractive and readable website for potential clients and search engines. By optimizing your website, you increase the chances of having your site ranked in the first couple of pages. Check out 31 Ways to Promote Your Website for easy SEO.

Search Engine marketing for ongoing success

Websites' rankings on search engines often fluctuate. Another way to help maintain top spots on search engines is to use search engine marketing, or search engine promotion techniques. This is the overall process of marketing a website on search engines. Maintaining and improving your website to be readable by search engines is the best way to get high rankings.

Website design time Search Engine Optimization is even better for higher rankings

It is hard to change a building's main structure once it is built. Search engine optimization is the same. Sometimes to get listed higher on a search results, you need to build a brand new website. Search engine optimization should be considered before the actual web design to save time and increase benefits. A well planed website is easier to optimize, simpler to maintain, and attracts more customers.