What are the benefits of having an interactive web user interface on my website?

The major benefit of having an interactive web user interface is simple: you're helping website visitors become customers by providing the right information they need. Life is busy enough for people and they don't want to spend more time trying to contact you for information that's unavailable on your website. Providing interactive web user interfaces like site search, online tools or self-service tools enables your visitors to find the answers they want and become familiar with your company.

Here are some more benefits to having an interactive web user interface:

Adding a new web page or new information is a lot easier

Adding new pages to your website is troublesome and time consuming since you need to add static HTML pages and graphics. But with a database driven dynamic website, all you have to do is enter the new information through an admin web form, and the dynamic page will take care of the rest. The dynamic interactive web user interface will process the new information and update the web content itself.

It makes business operation tasks easier

Not only is managing new information easier, but the amount of time used for tedious chores on business operations is significantly reduced. Imagine you have a company website that asks visitors to contact you for price quotes. Instead of having to send out e-mails all the time, a dynamic website can give out this information automatically, making your job a lot easier. Many times all the processes can be fully automated.

A dynamic website is more interesting and will be visited more often

Since managing new information is easier and faster, your continuously updated site will always welcome visitors to re-visit for new information. New content will keep visitors interested and committed to visiting your site for updates. Generally, a visitor becomes your customer after visiting your website 6 times. You should find a way to always make your website look fresh. A dynamic website can be your answer.

Customize your website for individual customers

One of the greatest benefits of having a dynamic website is being able to customize your site to different individuals. On your dynamic site, you may have certain visuals or pages that cater to the preferences of different visitors. By catering to individual needs or preferences, you can easily convert more visitors into customers.