Web Design Service from Japan

We create websites that welcome customers and help your business grow

What makes Kumsaati different as a web design service company? Our website design helps businesses grow. We focus on a customer's needs, making them feel welcome and allowing them to easily browse your site. We use Goal Oriented Design, focusing on a customer's goals when visiting your site. A customer's goal when shopping on the web is to quickly and easily get information on the product and services they want. With simple navigation, clear text and an enjoyable look and feel, our web design can help improve your business.

Typical Web Design Estimates

Project TypeDetailsCost/Timeframe
A brand new website design If you're looking to boost your profile on the online market or if your business does not yet have a website, we can build one for you Starts at $700
1-2 months
Website redesign We can help improve the look and feel of your website. We can also make structural changes and improve usability Starts at $500
1-2 months
Refine or additional dynamic web page integration Adding interactive functions to your website can help you communicate with your customers more effectively Starts at $1,000
2-6 weeks
Dynamic website design This option provides content management system, e-commerce, self-service features for your internet or intranet website Starts at $3,000
2-4 months

Why is Kumsaati's web design so effective?

Your customers find what they need quickly and easily

Customers visit your website to find what they need. If your homepage design fails to provide customers with easy access to the information they want, they will not invest in your business. Our web design provides easy access for you and your customers.

Our web designs are search engine-friendly

Over 60% of Internet users use Google to find the information they want. Because of this, search engine optimizing companies charge thousands of dollars to companies who wish to rank higher on Google. They also ask for a new website design. Although Kumsaati is a website design service company and not a search engine optimization company, we still have extensive knowledge on the subject. Our familiarity with search engine optimization and our web designs make your homepage easily visible by search engines like Google and Yahoo. How do we do it? We design your website to be readable by both your customers and search engines.

Customers will enjoy browsing your website and appreciate the simple usability

Many web design companies go over the top with unnecessary graphics, images and unclear text, making it hard to navigate. We use creative, but simple designs and graphic images where absolutely necessary. We also use text fonts and sizes that are easy to read. We believe simplicity and easy usability helps boost your company image and generate more business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect as the final product?

You can expect a finished website that's up and running. We also provide you with simple administration tools to control dynamic web content. If your website is on the larger scale, we also provide you with an easy administration guide manual.

I've heard a lot about 'Web 2.0', do you use this?

Yes, we do. Our web design and redesign follow web standard compliants. We also use Ajax and DHTML to increase user experience. However, what is more important is your customer's experience on your website and your business. If current popular technologies don't help to increase business, don't waste your money on it. We recommend what's best at the beginning of your web design stage.

What kind of technology do you use to build a website?

We follow recent web standards such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript for presentation layer. For the server side programming we use PHP, Ruby, JSP, Java, J2EE, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Apache, and Tomcat.

Can you write content for my site?

We will gladly help write content for your site. Remember that most customers visit your homepage to find information they need - what's written about your company and services is just as important as how it looks. We can provide a professional writer for your web content.

When can I expect to pay?

We will usually ask a 50% upfront fee from the total amount of your project, when you sign an agreement with us. Upon completion of the project, the balance must be paid within 30 days.

After the project's completed, what services do you provide?

We will gladly provide help after your project's done. If you need ongoing help, we also provide web maintenance services.

Do you only work for clients in Asia?

No, we also offer services to companies in Asia, the United States and other countries. If you are willing to communicate through e-mail, telephone and web collaboration tools, we will gladly do business with you.